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Red Anchor Charters FAQ


Where should I park?

We highly suggest walking from your hotel if you are in Morro Bay! If you drive here, there is plenty of parking available along the Embarcadero.


What to wear?

We always suggest dressing in layers! Our Central Coast weather is generally comfortable but can change quickly. If the day is breezy, it’s generally several degrees cooler on the water, and fog can roll unpredictably. If you’re doing a half day or full day charter cruise, it is MUCH cooler and windier on the open ocean even than in the bay. Bring a warm jacket in case you need to bundle up; we do have blankets on board as well.

What about shoes?

We suggest closed-toed, rubber-soled shoes with some traction to help avoid any slippage! Please avoid dark soles which can mark up the boat, and definitely leave your heels at home.

Sun Protection?

Always bring sunglasses and/or a hat to shield your face from the sun. We strongly recommend using sunscreen as well; even if the day is overcast the sun is still very strong, especially on the water!


What kinds of animals will I see?

On any given day in Morro Bay, there’s basically a 99% chance you’ll get to check out seals, sea lions and sea otters up close from Minerva (at least in our experience!). We’ve also seen all kinds of fish and an occasional jellyfish or bat ray. Morro Bay is also home to various bird species. Outside the bay, it’s not uncommon to spot pods of dolphins or even whales during certain times of the year!


Can I bring a picnic or snacks?

We allow food on the boat, so bring whatever you’d like to eat! We do suggest, however, food that’s easy to eat and doesn’t require a lot of assembling or cleaning up. Plates or flatware are not provided, so please bring your own.


We allow beer, wine and champagne on the boat, but absolutely NO HARD ALCOHOL. We do ask that you drink responsibly while on Minerva.

Glass bottles?

Wine glasses are not allowed on the boat for safety reasons. We do provide bottled water and a variety of soft drinks for your comfort during your cruise.

Hot Beverages?

Coffee and tea are welcome aboard.


Can I bring glasses for wine?

As much as we’d rather drink wine out of glasses, we unfortunately just can’t allow them on the boat as glass shatters and causes a safety hazard. Shatterproof glasses are available on the boat .


We recommend bringing disposable plates and utensils.


Should I bring my kids?

Our policies link has more information on this, but in short, we require one adult per child under the age of thirteen. We can accommodate a maximum of three children under the age of thirteen on the boat. We unfortunately cannot allow children under the age of 3 aboard Minerva, not that we don’t love them! These measures are to ensure utmost safety for our passengers at all times.


Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, pets of any size are not allowed aboard.


Can I smoke aboard the boat?

For our passengers’ safety, we do not allow any smoking on the boat or the dock.


What should I bring in case I get seasick?

If you know you’re prone to seasickness, take beforehand or bring with you Dramamine or whatever has helped you in the past. Sometimes drinking something carbonated helps, and we keep a stash of saltines on board as well.


What if we’re running late?

Being on time is essential in order for you to get the most out of your time with us! We really want to provide you with the most fun experience possible, and if you are late we may be forced to shorten or cancel your cruise altogether. If you are late to your reserved time and we are forced to shorten your cruise, we must charge you in full.

When do I pay?

We ask that you pay in full when booking your charter, whether that be online, by phone or in person on the dock.


-We will fully refund any cancellation up to 48 hours before your reservation.

-If for any reason you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation or if you do not show up to your reserved time, we will issue a partial refund, keeping $75.00 per hour of your booked time.

If you are late to your reservation and we are forced to shorten your cruise, we must charge you in full.

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