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Red Anchor Charter's Story

In 2010, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student Dane Jacobs would often gaze out the windows of the Morro Bay restaurant he served tables at each evening, daydreaming about how he could fix up Minerva, the beat-up 1984 32-foot Gulf Pilothouse docked below. A Central Coast native, lifelong waterman and former beach lifeguard, Dane had a deep-seated love for the ocean and always dreamed of owning a sailboat.

In 2011, close to finishing his degree in Sustainable Tourism, Dane was shocked by an immense and wholly unexpected gift from his father, Christian: the very same Gulf Pilothouse he had been checking out for the past year! Completely by chance, Christian had met the owner and procured the boat for his son, intending Dane to refit her.

Initially apprehensive of the responsibility (and lack of available funds), but a project-lover by nature, Dane spent the next 16 months working on Minerva during any spare moment he had, while still balancing school, an internship and two jobs (serving at Morro Bay restaurant Windows on the Water and being a “manny” for a local family). He repainted every surface, replaced the motor, befriended the local boat mechanic and spent countless hours learning every possible detail about how Minerva worked.

As the sailboat transformed and Dane's graduation from Cal Poly came and went, the idea for turning his boat into a small sailing charter business emerged quite naturally.

With the help of his father, his long-term girlfriend (and fellow Cal Poly graduate) Liana and several good friends who donated countless weekend hours to continually improve Minerva, the dream became a reality and Red Anchor Charters was born.

Through Red Anchor Charters, Dane hopes to impart upon you his love of the Central Coast, the enjoyment of friends and loved ones and the freedom of being on the water that he has had the good luck and pleasure to experience aboard Minerva. He hopes to sail with you soon!

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